Things To Consider When Buying a Forklift in Miami

The weight and the size of the typical loads.
The maximum height the loads can be stacked.
The work environment and settings (whether for indoor, outdoor use or both).
The width of the aisles and the maneuverability of the warehouse.
The duration of work of the unit.


The capacity of the forklift is based in its load center which 24” to the sides. Load dimensions this size or less enables the truck to carry its maximum weight while unusually long or high loads might not enable the forklift to safely lift as much.  The dimensions of your load will help the salesperson determine the best unit for your business.

If you have loads that are not relatively uniform in dimensions, buying a truck with greater load capacity than your known heaviest load is advisable.


Using a forklift in Miami for loading and unloading materials makes determining your lift height requirements unnecessary.  However, shelves stacked more than 15 feet high makes knowing the maximum lift height your lift truck needs essential.

New Forklifts vs. Used Forklift

A decision to buy a new or used forklift has factors that one needs to ponder on first.  The best thing to note is whether one will use the forklift for 4 hours or less every day.  If one needs to use the forklift more than 4 hours per day, it is better to avail of a new one then.

A Miami forklift used for more than 4 hours per day can be considered an integral part of your business operations. Buying a used one and using it for more than 4-5 hours daily would cost you substantially more in the long run due to maintenance cost, lost production hours due to lift truck servicing, notto mention safety concerns due to the unit’s instability.

A lift truck used for less than four hours, utilizing a used unit can certainly be a good consideration owing to minimal wear and tear due to short usage. The dealer usually reconditions a unit after it is returned at the end of its lease.  The unit usually gets a new paint job, a new set of tires and a general and meticulous engine tune up.  The machine is checked and reconditioned and mechanical repairs are done in preparation for its next tour of duty.  So, it may not seem a bad idea if one feels sure and confident in the used forklift state assuming it had undergone the aforementioned services by the forklift company or dealer.  Miami used trucks are practical when it is not used for long hours and that constant proper maintenance is afforded regularly.

There are many new and used Miami forklift companies around so you can shop around for the best price and quality.  Remember to ask for service plans for both new and used units.