Tips for Used Forklift Buyers in Miami

Buying a used forklift is like gambling in a casino, the odds may be stacked against buying a good unit, so knowing a good unit from a clunker is like a gambler knowing how to play the game.  Shopping around for a used forklift can get you a good deal or it can get you more than you bargained for.

A well-maintained forklift usually lasts around 10,000 hours or more and saying this does not guarantee that that unit will really last that long.  In Donald Rumsfeld’s words, there are many “known unknowns” to the equation, which simply means that there is no way of knowing how well the forklift was maintained – or abused.  The caveat, let the buyer beware can best be suggested to the buyer of used forklifts.

When buying a Miami used forklift here are some relevant things to consider:

  • Personally check the hour meter.  Allowing someone else to check it gives you concern that you might not be given the correct figures.
  • Check for oil leaks in the ground if the unit had been parked for quite a long time.
  • Always check the basic operations by testing the unit.  Test the forward and reverse gear, the safe maximum lifting capacity, brakes and all functions related to the unit’s hydraulics.
  • Check the hoses and cables for quality and for any damages, and the frame for rust or integrity. Especially check for patches of new paint, which may be attempts to cover up something really bad in the unit.  Be wary of those who pressure you into buying.  This more often than not may be an indication that they are trying to get rid of a unit that is too undesirable for anyone’s taste and needs.

In order to reinforce their reliability and dependability, a reputable Miami used forklift company will go out of their way to iron out any kinks in your transactions and business dealings.  They will ensure you get the best service possible and even go beyond that since it is also in their interest they tote a good and trustworthy name in the community.