Miami Forklift Truck: Buying New or Used?

When a company uses pallets, large crate rolls for cable, paper or large wires, a forklift truck then is a necessity to move these materials from place to another.  Forklifts can carry loads exceeding 5000 pounds and stack them on heights 20’ and above.  These workhorses are vital for large warehouses where heavy manually moving of materials and equipments would be virtually impossible.  If your company decides to purchase a forklift, one of the first questions you need to ask is if you need to buy a new one or a used unit

New vs. used forklift trucks

Naturally, buying a new one has many advantages over buying a used unit.  The unit is in excellent condition, has warranties for service issues and no maintenance problems to worry about for a long time.  The advantages allows one to think about other productive concerns leaving all the work to the truck operator.  Of course, the one disadvantage of purchasing a new unit is that it is always more expensive than a used unit.

A used lift truck will be probably significantly less than a new one. Of course, one would buy a used unit not only because it costs less than a new model, it is often how the unit is used that warrants the purchase of a used unit.  Another minor advantage would be that a used unit can be delivered quicker than a new unit whose availability may be days or weeks from now. Sometimes your choice new unit is not in stock so you have to wait for it to be in stock from the manufacturer, shipped to the store then brought to your company.

Opting for a used forklift truck does carry some drawbacks:

  • All the features and extras you may need are not included in the unit.
  • The used unit will need occasional or frequent maintenance.
  • Warranties, if fortunate to get one, are usually limited and does not guaranty protection for its performance or longevity.

Buying used forklift trucks

There are several things or steps to consider or follow if you decide to buy a used lift truck to assist you in buying a quality unit that will last.

First, you might want to bring a qualified Miami forklift mechanic to examine and test the unit you opt to buy. Second, you may need to request for any kind of warranties. Some used forklift stores do give customers at least 30-day warranty on their units. Upon purchase of the unit, make sure that proper and thorough maintenance is afforded the truck so it can give years of quality service to your company.  Like an automobile, lift trucks need regular maintenance like frequent lubrication and oil changes for better performance and to prolong the life of your unit.