Questions To Ask When Buying or Renting Used Forklifts

Forklifts are usually durable if properly maintained. It is a wise and practical decision to buy a mint conditioned Miami used forklift for its economical and practical aspects. This article gives you suggestions when deciding to buy used forklifts.

Is purchasing a used forklift what your business really needs?

Even in mint condition, used forklifts will need maintenance eventually if used them in the long-term. So, if you plan to use a forklift for long-term usage, expect to fork out money due to parts wear and tear. A forklift is just like any vehicle and it will have issues as it gets older and used extensively. If your business is heavily dependent on daily forklift operations, then in terms of practicality, renting a used forklift may be a better choice.

If your business uses the forklift a few hours a day, then buying a used forklift is advisable. However, if your business demands using forklifts for long hours everyday, then you should not gamble on used forklifts which may need frequent maintenance, costing you precious production hours. It is better then to purchase new or rent a Miami forklift.

Where can you get well-conditioned used forklifts?

Used forklifts purchased from a known and relatively popular dealer who exclusively sells Miami used forklifts at least can guarantee the forklift to operate for a few months without major hitches; however, buying from a previous owner does not carry or promise such a guarantee and a caveat should be heeded. The same holds true for a car or truck dealer who may just happen to have a forklift for sale.

Some dealers selling new forklifts may sell used ones for two purposes: First, selling used forklifts is a good way of meeting new customers. Second, selling reliable used forklifts will make the customer come back to buy replacement parts from him after a few years of satisfactory use.

Things to Consider When Buying a Forklift in Miami

Forklifts are built to last for many years especially if they are maintained very well. Used forklifts then is a sensible decision especially if one knows how to spot a used forklift that is in excellent condition from a run down junk. Used forklifts can save you a lot of money provided your reasons to buy one are well thought of. There are some things to ponder when deciding to buy a new or used forklift.

It is obvious that buying a used forklift will save you money since it costs less to buy one then a new unit. However, if you purchase a unit that breaks down easily and costs much in maintenance, then, in the long term, it will cost you more than purchasing a new forklift. The possibility of spending a lot in maintenance for a used forklift becomes more of a certainty when it is used for a long time per day. A long time per day means about four or more hours of continuous operation, so, if you plan to use it that much, then buying a new unit is wiser for your business.

The disadvantage of using a used forklift for long working hours can be seen in the downtime you will experience once the unit breaks down and needs to be repaired. The unavailability of the unit will entail work stoppages making your business inefficient. Considering this scenario should prompt you to study your business very well before deciding what kind of unit to buy.

Buying from an established, dependable company is a good idea because even if you may have the bad luck to buy a bad unit, it should run well for a few months before problems begin to pop up. Unlike buying from a previous owner with no warranty for his unit or a dealer that sells other vehicles who just fortuitously have a forklift on the lot, buying from a reputable Miami used forklift company is more in your best interest.

Moreover, buying a used unit from these good dealers will make you return to him in a few years of good forklift use for replacement parts.

Accidents from forklifts can be serious. Some accidents are caused by operator error and ineptitude and some are caused by mechanical failure. Proper maintenance should always be afforded the unit to prevent these accidents.

Buy a used forklift that still has the capacity plate attached to it on its back to know its maximum safe load.

Be sure to allow for inspection of the safety gears in your unit and make it a daily part of your forklift safety evaluation. Inspect harnesses and/or seatbelts, the lights both the visibility and warning lights, and if there is one, check the integrity of the canopy or the overhead protection device. Look for any signs of operator misuse or accidents such as dents, wear and tear or replaced panels.

What to Look for in an Industrial Lift Truck

An industrial lift truck is a work transport unit designed to haul heavy loads from one location to another.  Lift trucks are usually used in warehouses but are also used in out door locations like lumberyards, piers and airports.

There are two things one needs to remember when buying, using or renting lift trucks in Miami.  One is to be sure the unit has the proper ergonomics for the worker.  Secondly, they need to be trained in accordance with OSHA regulations.


The company picks the ergonomic design best fitted for their warehouse needs.  Proper ergonomics should be emphasized on the seat, controls and pedals of the truck that operates in a warehouse while hand and power pallet trucks should have proper ergonomic design on their handle.

Ergonomics is all about operator comfort and the more the vehicle is streamlined to the body and its movements, the better the worker feels and the easier the work the operator experiences.


Safety is the number one rule to remember when using the forklift.  The operator must wear safety protection like a hard hat, eye protectors and a shiny reflective suit to be visible to other people especially at night in poorly lit environments.  It is best to be oriented to OSHA safety rules and regulations to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries caused by bad fork lift practices in the workplace.


Large companies usually offer mandatory forklift operation training to personnel in accordance with OSHA requirements.  In training, the latter will learn all important safety procedures and proper handling, maneuvering and use of forklifts.  Training and refresher courses need to be given at least once a year to ensure quality lift truck operation.

Selecting the right industrial lift truck

There are many factors to consider when buying a forklift.  Aside from the cost, which naturally is one primary factor, lift trucks designed to lift the heaviest materials the company needs to bring out from to time, is another factor.  One also needs to consider the heaviest material should fit the weight of the pallets.

Another aforementioned factor is the ergonomic factor, which prevents physical ailments from developing due to long hours of lift truck operation.  Another element to consider in the selection of your lift trucks is the lift height of the unit.  The height reach of the unit needs to conform to your warehouse needs.

If warehouse work is done indoors, the type of engine you need is the electric type engine.  The electric engine has zero emission, which is ideal indoors and runs quietly.  One also needs to see if a new truck if is needed or a second hand unit will suffice.